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Our Values


I believe in having frank conversations and doing what’s right, always. I do what I say I will and believe everyone is worthy of respect.

People First

I believe people are more than human resources. They’re individuals that each bring unique talents and passions to their work, and are the lifeblood of a healthy business.


Short-term decision making puts companies, the economy, and employees’ livelihoods at risk. I believe in thoughtful growth and making decisions that ensure long-term sustainability and success.


Bill Igou, Founder

I founded Big Cove to acquire, operate, and grow a single B2B software company. Heard from a search fund before? There are a lot of us out there these days. Most are led by talented people, but Big Cove is unique because my background is unique among searchers. I have extensive experience working with B2B software companies to accelerate growth, first at Summit Partners, a leading tech-focused growth equity firm, where my job was to partner with management teams to execute growth initiatives. I also built the finance and operations functions from scratch at Skedulo, an enterprise SaaS business focused on the field service space. While you’ll see on LinkedIn that I spent a few years as a consultant with McKinsey, I’ll leave the consultant speak at the door. I prefer it that way.

The software business is unlike any other. Until you’ve lived it, it’s hard to understand how to build enduring value. Even if you aren’t considering a sale right now, I’d welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your aspirations. We can avoid the deal talk if you’d like and discuss topics you’re probably more passionate about, like:

  • Supercharging your salesforce with motivating comp plans and effective organizational design

  • Using analytics to increase customer retention and build a team to keep customers happy

  • Building the infrastructure to support growth with a strong finance and operations function

There are tons of “capital partners” out there, and you’ll hear from all of them. Few can add operational value. If you’re open to a conversation with someone who is interested in talking about growing your business, not pumping you for your LTV/CAC ratio, let’s talk.

Outside my work on Big Cove, I enjoy sailing, hiking, and training my lab puppy, Jack. I took up sailing a few years ago and honed my skills on boats I rented to explore San Francisco Bay. I love the physical and mental challenge of sailing, and that it requires both planning and quick improvisation, just like business. When I’m off the water, I love hiking in the mountains, particularly in our country’s national parks. My dog, Jack, joined the Big Cove team just a few days after the journey began, and his presence in the office has been a big help along the way, even when he joins Zoom meetings uninvited!


Big Cove's Story

Big Cove sprang from my goal to help others achieve their professional potential and support their families. That desire was ignited by three forces in my life: my family's farm, my grandfather, and the Global Financial Crisis.

Throughout childhood, I spent most weekends working on my family’s farm, where I learned the dignity of labor, how to contribute to a team, and the value of sweat equity. I built a barn, put in new fences, and drove tractors, although that part never really felt like work. The farm is where I discovered integrity: the importance of treating everyone with respect and doing what you say you will.

My hero and the man I’m named after is my grandfather, who had a long career as an Air Force officer. While he didn’t pursue entrepreneurship, he’d ridden the ups and downs of it and learned from his family’s entrepreneurial journey. As a child, his family owned a coal distributor in New York City, but when the Great Depression hit, business stalled. It’s a story I remember him telling me many times as a kid. The family gave up its wealth to keep the business afloat so they could take care of their employees, refusing to lay off their workers, even after all their competitors had. From him, I learned the importance of taking care of the people in your life and serving a calling higher than yourself.

I came of age right as the Global Financial Crisis destroyed the economy. I studied what was happening closely and discovered that it all came down to short-term thinking. Ignoring fundamentals to drive quick financial returns is a losing strategy; business sustainability is paramount. I knew I wanted to be a business leader who made decisions in the interest of long-term success.

My primary objective in forming Big Cove was to chart a career path that would allow me to follow my values: integrity, people-first, and sustainability. I agree with Ralph Waldo Emerson, who wrote, “Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles.” Leading a business was the most natural path to following my values and finding that peace.


What We Do

Put your business in capable hands

Big Cove was founded to acquire, operate, and grow a single B2B software company. It is backed by a group of highly experienced software entrepreneurs and investors. Looking to start your next adventure and find someone you can trust with your business? Contact me. I’d love to talk.


Big Cove's Investors

Big Cove is backed by a group of highly experienced software entrepreneurs and investors, who bring a range of experiences and expertise to the table.

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